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Donʼt decide on a template according to the homepage alone. Go through each
categories and try to understand the flow of the entire templates. One of the most important things in a template is simple and intuitive navigation, so itʼs important that you familiarize yourself with the navigation of the template you decide

Choose a Template that Speaks with you

All templates are created with a specific theme. A themed layout already takes into
account the specific needs of owners and using a template that already matches your type of business or service, saves a lot of preciouscustomization time

Consider the Content You Need

Different people need different kinds of contents on their templates. what about you? The template you choose should offer you an easy way to update the content Please check the placeholders before doing any.
One way to ensure this is to collect the files youʼd like to update before you start looking for a template, so that you know what type of content youʼre dealing with


All you need to do is to prepare the contents according to the theme layout
catch you by email. Upload theall contents let us know your ideas.


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are available within few hours once your payment is confirmed. If you paid with PayPal or a credit card, confirmation might take a few minutes. Weʼll also send you a download notification email separate from any transaction notification emails you receive from SubzTUDIO. If you’re unsure if you’ve purchased a Digital Item, you can always go back to the listing page or contact us at any time.